30 September 2014

Back on the chain gang.

We're back.

We are back. It's got to happen. This has to end.
I have to see that last season out with you.

WYM-Blog needs a hashtag. Any ideas?

03 August 2012

"We did our best to raise her, but she's hell bent on living in sin with David Schwimmer."


That was lame. 

I don't know why Norma and Jack would be really that angry that their daughter is living with a dude. 
It's not as though she isn't not emulating her mother.
She isn't living in a damn commune.

"Let me in!"

I have to give you the sweet part:


02 August 2012

Mix and match it.

This cardigan is kind of awful, too.

Oh no, not more nonsense with that teenage daughter.
It's not like that girl has anything to really struggle against vis a vis her parents.

Hey, green bowl, what's up?

31 July 2012

Donkey Lips!

Kevin struggles with some teenage crap in an unusual set, looks like a location.

It's Donkey Lips! From Salute Your Shorts!

30 July 2012

More teenage daughter nonsense.

This show really doesn't paint raising children in a very appealing light.

This daughter character just keeps taking a shit on her parents at every hand's turn.

And the worst is yet to come.

29 July 2012

Daughter's vacant bedroom.

No hair clip, no hair bow, no headband!

They keep putting her in this awful cardigan.

It's my absolute least favorite cardigan in the oeuvre. 

28 July 2012

Schwimmer fatigue.

I don't actually know any clever lines from Friends. 
Never watched it.  Sorry, David Schwimmer

"Neither did I."

25 July 2012

Opening credits

The old closing family shot, 

The new closing family shots:

Norma looks much nicer even if there is a porch support growing out of her head.

Oh well.