04 April 2012

Reading up on Alley.

 "Norma Arnold, The Wonder Years (played by Alley Mills).  
Another show that I grew up with, The Wonder Years is an all-time classic. Norma was a great, compassionate mom. Most of the time, we saw her making dinner for the family, trying to keep the peace between Kevin &  Wayne (her two sons), or between Karen & Jack (her somewhat rebellious daughter and her hardworking husband). Every now and then, an episode would focus on her, which gave us a new perspective of who she was.  I distantly recall that she enjoyed sneaking away every now and then just to do something for herself, like take a pottery class.  We often saw the family overlook her or take her for granted.  I like Norma because she is the classic American housewife who only occasionally reveals subtle layers of wistfulness and frustration..."

Pretty good assessment.  

Of all photos, this ones attends the The Mom Crowd article (quoted above) chose this photo to represent Alley - 

"How could they? Any other photo would be more flattering."

"How about this one?  I'm Wonder Years Mom! Yeah!"

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