10 June 2012


The Arnold Family Picture book!  
The past looks at the past! And it's all pretend!

I thought Jack got married in his Army uniform.
I thought Korea was a foundational element for his character. 

And the reason why he is kinda grumpy.

Stylin' for DAYS

That is one swanky pad.

Okay, I can see his wedding band, so I know there's no "living in sin" 
going on in this hip apartment!  I bet they didn't have TV just yet.

That radio rather prominently frames Jack's head.

And you know that rule of thumb - 
the more successful the dude, the cooler and more impressive his television set will be.

"It's the fifties! It's the fifties! Daddy's home from Korea and everything!"

"Meh. At least my hair got less shiny."

Then there were some dreamy tree-oriented celebrations.

The years leave no trace.

Getting these snaps was a bit tenuous with all of the dissolves.
So thankful for the 'mute' setting.

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